Welcome to Ozone Raffle

We are proud to announce Ozone Raffle -  A Fortune Game for our dear customers. For each $100 shopping at Ozone, you will get a random number. At every Tuesday and Friday night, we will pick the winners base on results from Lotto Max

* This game is for fun ONLY. All rewards cannot be exchanged for cash *

How to play

1. Register at Ozone. You will get $10 discount for new account.

2. Place order over $100 to get random number. Each $100 spent, you will get a number. So, you can buy more products to get more chance to win.

3. On Drawing Days (every Tuesday & Friday at 10:30pm), We'll pick winners based on results from Lotto Max. 

4. We'll announce winners and arrange delivery time on the next day of draw day.


1. Bonus prize - 1oz Free (you can choose any strains)

You win bonus prize when your number match the bonus number in Lotto Max result.

2. Single Shot - 7g Free (you can choose any strains)

You win Single shot prize when your numbers match any number (except Bonus number) in Lotto Max result. 

3. Triplets - 4oz Free (you can choose any strains)

You win Triplets prize when you have 3 numbers match 3 numbers in Lotto Max result. 

* Contact us by texting our hotline if you have any questions *