Master Kush Ultra

Master Kush Ultra is a superior strain of marijuana. This strain is a powerful hybrid of Indica and Sativa, G-13 and OG Kush. The powerful blend produces potent cerebral effects that alleviate and relaxes its users. It contains 18% THC level and 1% CBD.

Although 18% may sound moderate, a survey by Trimbos Institute revealed a roughly 18% THC level in the most premium weed varieties. THC is the chemical compound that induces the high.



The source of the name: Master Kush Ultra

Master Kush Ultra is eponymous with Project MK Ultra, a highly-classified and illegal CIA project in the 50s. Project MKUltra was a CIA-led program where they conducted psychological experiments on humans to help the association develop their interrogation tactics. These experiments used LSD, brainwash, and mental torture to force confessions out of their subjects. 


While a cruel reminder of the world, the connection between the project and this strain is clear. However, instead of trying to psychologically torture the users, the MK Ultra strain locks them into a powerful and euphoric state. The potency of this hypnotic strain made it a two-time award-winning champion in the High Times Cannabis Cup. It won first place in the Indica category in 2003, and second place in 2004.




The Origin of Master Kush

Originally bred by T.H. Seeds, this short plant is leafy and green with spots of orange and brown trichome buds. Despite its height, the plant has long leaves and an almost rosebud appearance at the center. Master Kush Ultra is a strain to be trusted.

 T.H. Seeds is a world renowned Cannabis seed company with 25 years as a reputable breeder and grower. With years of experience in the industry, they grow guaranteed quality. At Ozone Discovery, we promise only the best cannabis. Master Kush Ultra is no anomaly: the highly active, resin-coated kush is top-quality.

 Trichomes are a key sign in the quality of the cannabis. Bred in optimal environments to ensure top quality harvest, the cannabis containing trichomes are healthier and safer. They protect the cannabis from outside predators such as insects. 

 MK Ultra has trichomes on it. Cannabinoids, the psychoactive element in cannabis (THC), comes from trichomes. When activated, the trichomes create the high we love.

 This cannabis is feminized and takes 8-9 weeks to flower. What it produces after the flowering period is the finest cannabis.



Pulled from the earth, this strain gives you a sweet taste of mother nature with the power to ground you. Composed primarily of pungent earthy flavours, this cannabis soothes your palate with pine and woodsy flavour. Bred to perfection, it leaves a strong pine taste on your tips.

 Even on your high, Master Kush lulls your body. It simultaneously soothes your cravings and keeps your appetite strong. Those affected by loss of appetite may use it as a treatment to increase their appetite. 



The earthy and sweet smell will tickle your nose buds and marry you to the earth. A touch of skunk and chemicals are a small price to pay for premium delights.

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High Effects

Master Kush leaves your body and mind hypnotized. The hypnotic high creates a fantastical experience for troubled souls. Stress, worry, and fear allow fade away. The THD in the strain relaxes the users and instantly irons out any inkling of worry. You may experience feelings of drowsiness after it enters your system.

 Users love how it treats pain. Those diagnosed with mild to chronic pain, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, and insomnia can experience its healing properties. Although, users should consult their doctor before using cannabis as a medicine, it does contain many fast-acting medical properties.

 The calming effect can treat stress and anxiety and open up your appetite by simulating the senses.


Master Kush Side Effects

As a result, users may experience dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and headaches as a result of use. Use with caution. 

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