Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch when High

Looking for something worth watching while you are high?? Well, Netflix has got your back. It has finally introduced a genre of stoner movies but for now it has a limited collection and it is not necessary to watch stoner movies only. Netflix offers a great variety of incredible movies. Just sink in your couch on the weekend and smoke the cannabis available.  Ozone Discovery is one of the most reliable cannabis dispensaries in Toronto offering different strains of high quality cannabis. 

We have listed out top 5 Netflix movies you can watch when you are high.  

Godzilla vs. Kong

kong_vs_gozilla_netflix_movies_to watch_when_high_ozone_discovery_toronto_gta

Even though the movie is overall quite serious but it begins with a quirky humour. The intense fight between a giant gorilla and colossal lizard is exciting, fun and captivating. The plot is pretty predictable with a great cast including Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall, and Millie Bobby Brown who are there to be scared by the fight between the two giants. If you were looking for a stellar action movie,   Godzilla vs. Kings sticks to the plot and entertains you by revolving around the plot point. 


mirai_ghibli_netflix_movies_to watch_when_high_ozone_discovery_toronto_gta

Mirai is one of the cutest anime movies of all time. It is simple yet captivating. It is the story of a young boy Kun Ota who is trying to adjust with his new born baby sister. This sense of displacement and adjustment is an emotional turmoil for the little boy. The unimaginative daydreams of the boy slowly fade towards the end of the movie as he accepts the fact that he will have to share his parents and attention with his little sister. 

Extraction 2020

Chris Hemsworth_extraction_2020_netflix_movies_to watch_when_high_ozone_discovery_toronto_gta

A lot of us are fans of violent movies with exceptional war strategies and heroic actions. Extraction is one of the coolest action movies of 2020 with exceptional stunt work. The story begins with Chris Hemsworth being a black-market mercenary who is hired to save the son of an imprisoned warlord. 

With the coolest stunts choreography, Extraction is definitely one of the best movies of Chris Hemsworth. 

Superbad (2007)

superbad_2007_netflix_movies_to watch_when_high_ozone_discovery_toronto_gta

Produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Superbad is a classic comedy. It revolves around three not-so-cool high school students. The friends started to supply alcohol to a party at school but had to face all imaginable inconveniences in the process. Their sense of humour keeps the viewer attentive and interested. 


evin hart_fatherhood_netflix_movies_to watch_when_high_ozone_discovery_toronto_gta

The movie is deeply touching and empowering. Fatherhood is the story of a single dad whose wife passed away soon after the birth of their daughter. This Netflix original film is based on the real life story of Matthew Logelin. The amazing chemistry between the father and daughter is heart-wrenching. Melody Hurd has played the role of the growing girl and she executes it perfectly. The film has more really special moments and quite wholesome when it comes to father-daughter love.